Creating Snappy Packages

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Stark County District Library
715 Market Ave N, Canton, OH
Innovation Center (on 2nd floor)

Creating a few snappy packages and reviewing current snapcraft yaml syntax.

Snappy Ubuntu Core diverges from the standard model of Server and Desktop Ubuntu distributions. This new rendition of Ubuntu is a lightweight, transactionally updated OS for devices and containers.

The core unit of the Snappy system is the “snap”. In snappy Ubuntu Core everything is a snap. The most minimal system is comprised of only a set of three snaps: Kernel, Gadget, OS

All of the application software sits on top of this base system. This is provided as application snaps, complementing the basic kernel, gadget and OS snaps.

The general idea of a Snappy system is that all snaps are self contained, protected and isolated pieces of code that perform a well defined set of functions. This is even extended to the special type of snaps (OS, gadget and kernel), of which you can only have one set.