From systemd to journalctl: initializing and inspecting the kernel

Mike Molnar presented systemd and journald concepts and examples.

  • Two daemons: systemd (aka pid 1) and journald
  • Two commands: systemctl and journalctl
  • Equals: a great deal of control over system initialization and visibility about its machinations.

Systemd is a system and service manager for Linux operating systems. When run as first process on boot (as PID 1), it acts as init system that brings up and maintains userspace services. Separate instances are started for logged-in users to start their services. -- man page, systemd(1)


  • journalctl
  • journalctl -b -o short-iso-precise # displays all journal entries for current boot session with microsecond precision
  • journald
  • systemctl
  • systemd


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