Customizing bash completion

Ever curious about how autocomplete works in bash (or zsh)? Let’s create a custom bash completion script! read more

Newer CLI tools

This talk will provide a basic introduction to a slew of newer CLI tools including bat, exa, fd, fzf, hexyl, hyperfine, pass, ripgrep, tealdeer, vivid, and zoxide with a special guest appearance by Mike Meffie covering taskwarrior. read more

Canton Linux Enthusiasts 2023 Kick-Off

We be getting together at our regularly scheduled time to review the proposed sessions for 2023 and create a schedule for 2023. Other discussion and Q&A welcome. read more

Canton Linux Enthusiasts Holiday Event

Canton Linux Enthusiasts, Friends, and Family, join us at our first holiday event! We will be gathering at Muskellunge Brewing Company in downtown Canton, Ohio. Bring your holiday cheer, smiling faces, and perhaps a holiday treat to share as we celebrate another year and look forward to the next! read more

GNOME Extensions

David Colins will be presenting on how to customize your linux desktop with GNOME Extensions. read more

The Grand Unified Boot Loader

Mike Molar will present on GNU GRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader. GRUB lets you boot different operating systems, or different Linux kernel versions or kernel options. read more

Ansible Molecule

Phil will be giving us an introduction on how the test your Ansible roles and playbooks with Ansible Molecule. Molecule is an open source framework for testing Ansible roles and playbooks. Molecule provides support for testing with multiple instances, operating systems and distributions, virtualization providers, test frameworks and testing scenarios. read more

Homebrew 8-bit computer

Mike will demo his homebrew minimal 8-bit breadboard computer using the classic 6502 microprocessor. This project is based on the excellent Ben Eater youtube series on learning about computers by building them. read more

Security Recon to Root

Learn about the hacker methodology. See how Pentester Jarrod Rizor goes about doing an external pentest from recon to enumeration to exploitation using various linux tools and techniques. Live Demo of exploiting a linux box and cracking WPA2 PSK. read more


Derek Arnold will be introducing FreeIPA, the open source identity management system. read more

Terminal Based Development

Shaun McFee presented how to create an effective terminal based development environment using tmux and related tools. read more

2022-03-31 - Linux and Android

2022-02-24 - What's on G's mind?

2022-01-27 - Getting Started with Proxmox VE

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