3 Musketeers for tasks in isolation

The 3 Musketeers is a pattern for developing software in a repeatable and consistent manner. It leverages Make as an orchestration tool to test, build, run, and deploy applications using Docker and Docker Compose. The Make and Docker/Compose commands for each application are maintained as part of the application’s source code and are invoked in the same way whether run locally or on a CI/CD server. read more

Make all the things

The classic “make” tool is a culturally significant part of the unix toolkit. We will cover the fundamentals of “make” and show examples of using “make” as “task runner” for a variety projects. read more

Customizing bash completion

Ever curious about how autocomplete works in bash (or zsh)? Let’s create a custom bash completion script! read more

Newer CLI tools

This talk will provide a basic introduction to a slew of newer CLI tools including bat, exa, fd, fzf, hexyl, hyperfine, pass, ripgrep, tealdeer, vivid, and zoxide with a special guest appearance by Mike Meffie covering taskwarrior. read more

Canton Linux Enthusiasts 2023 Kick-Off

We be getting together at our regularly scheduled time to review the proposed sessions for 2023 and create a schedule for 2023. Other discussion and Q&A welcome. read more

2022-12-29 - Canton Linux Enthusiasts Holiday Event

2022-09-29 - GNOME Extensions

2022-09-29 - The Grand Unified Boot Loader

2022-08-25 - Ansible Molecule

2022-07-28 - Homebrew 8-bit computer

2022-06-28 - Security Recon to Root

2022-05-24 - FreeIPA

2022-04-28 - Terminal Based Development

2022-03-31 - Linux and Android

2022-02-24 - What's on G's mind?

2022-01-27 - Getting Started with Proxmox VE

2021-08-26 - Linux Vulnerability Scanning

2021-07-29 - Ansible AWX - The open source Ansible Tower

2021-04-29 - Linux Getting Started (and Happy Hour)

2021-03-25 - Linux happy hour

2021-03-25 - Linux happy hour

2021-02-25 - D-Bus message bus

2020-10-22 - potpourri

2020-09-24 - The go programming language

2020-08-27 - From systemd to journalctl: initializing and inspecting the kernel

2020-07-23 - Linux on Windows? Windows software on Linux? What is the world coming to?

2020-06-25 - Inroduction to ethical hacking

2020-05-28 - Knative: kubernetes-based platform to deploy modern serverless workloads

2020-04-30 - Creating rpms

2020-03-26 - Linux meetup from home

2020-02-27 - Fedora silverblue

2020-02-27 - Quick raspberry pi demo

2020-01-23 - Virtual linux lab

2019-07-16 - Eyes wide open or shut! Linux moon rocket launch party

2019-01-24 - Security: ethical hacking (white hat)

2018-10-25 - Deploying containers on CoreOS with ansible

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